• Name: Wora
  • Species: Wolf
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Princess/Soldier
  • Weaponry: Maulous, Vengoius of Honor, CHI Blaster, Katana
  • Age:16
  • Status: Alive


Wora is one of the most strongest and fastest wolf in her tribe. She is the daughter of Worriz and Windra and has her fathers Alpha Markings. She has an crush on Laval's son Leon the Lion Prince. She is always there for her friends and pack (Epically Leon the Lion Prince). She fights with skills and strength to protect any wolf. She didn't like the fact that Worriz hates Laval and all the lions due to the stolen CHI in the past and wants war on them all. She has an Scar on her Left eye due to the fact that she got in an fight with one of the Croc warriors. She still has an dark side but hides it for her friends.

Family, Home Edit

She lives in the Wolf Camp with her Tribe and Pack. But at 15 she decided to move at the Lion Temple due to her relationship with Leon.

Her Family is Worriz: Dad, Windra: Mother, Winzar: Uncle, WildClaw: Brother, Leon: Mate, Laval: Father-in-Law.

Her Crush is Leon the Lion and they made up an Army Core for CHIMA.


Wora was born on May 22 and had fun when she was a pup. She had an older Brother Named WildClaw who was immature at most times but cared for her (When Leon's around he can be scary). She lost her mother Windra at 4 and lived with her father till 15. She got a scar which controls her bye the flashbacks and visions she gets of it which makes her evil but conceals it. She has many friends like..

  • Leon
  • Ravea
  • Equilla
  • Eris
  • Li'Ella
  • Laval
  • WildClaw
  • Furty

Which help her as well. She has SWAG and can get carried away with it. Over all she can be an good wolf or bad wolf.

Fav ThingsEdit

  • Howling
  • Playing
  • Her Armor, Weapons
  • Family
  • Leon (Especially)
  • Lion Tribe
  • Play Fighting
  • Dancing


  • Crozar The Croc prince
  • Sir Fangar most of the time
  • Being Bullied because of her scar
  • Failure
  • Scorpions, Spiders
  • Losing her Family