Season 4, Episode 1, 42 overall
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The Heart Of Cavora TBA
When Chima Gets Tribal is an episode of season 4 of Legends Of Chima.


After Chima Gets Attacked By The Zebras, Wildebeest, And Dingos, It Realizes There Were Multiple Tribes They Left Behind That Want Revenge.


The episode starts with Laval dreaming he is old. The sacred pool of CHI is now the sacred pool of Golden CHI, And Lagravis Is 90. Suddenly, Lagravis Is Making Laval Confused By Saying Wake Up. It tuns out that he really is telling him to wake up. Crooler has been taming Lavertus, until she is attacked by a zebra. Bladvic is ran into by a wildebeest while sleeping, and Gorzan  encountered a dingo while attempting to eat a banana. Crooler, Bladvic, And Gorzan Did All Get Attacked. Lagravis then Took His Son To The Sacred Pool Of CHI. Everything Was gone Until Zedling, Wildro, And Digno, (the leaders of the zebra, Wildebeest, And Dingo Tribes) Had Came In And Filled It Up With some Kind Of Black CHI. Laval Went Outside, And Zedling And His Tribe Were Attacking Cavora! Lagravis Gets Laval, Eris, Cragger, Worriz, Razar, Rhogon, Bladvic, Gorzan, and Skinnet.