A Wanderer is an oddity in Chima, for they are humans that have crossed from Earth to Chima in an unknown, mysterious way.


Wanderers have a fuzzy past, as their first appearances are unrecorded by even the Phoenix, leaving an odd gap in the history of Chima. Early recordings of Wanderers are inscriptions in the books of the Phoenix, Eagles, and in abandeoned temples across Chima. The earliest recorded images are in the Eagles books, for they depict pictures of different Tribes facing off against Demigod-like beings that reportedly could lift several times their weight, levitate, and conjure fire and lightning out of nowhere. These Wanderers are ones who know their origins, who know what they saw when passing from Earth to Chima. What exactly causes Wanderers to lose themselves is currently unknown, however it is known that the Wanderers enter a state of insanity, losing control of themselves as their powers assert themselves.


A Wanderer, when their powers are at the fore, go through a number of changes and gain a small moveset of powers, these include:

  • Glowing eyes
  • Changed and/or missing voice
  • bodily changes
  • Personality changes
  • Levitation
  • Manipulation of nearby objects
  • Conjuration of minor amounts of Darkfire

Note that other powers are more specific, such as Eaphron's tentacles, and Osmond's latent stealth ability.

Notable WanderersEdit

  • Osmond
  • Eaphron
  • Ra'Kayla