not only is thrunder the emporer of the thunder bird tribe, he is also a powerful sorcerer that can use storm magic. thrunder is extreamly stratigic, vengeful, and intelegent and rules his tribe with an iron fist. about a thousand years ago he was best freands with fluminox the phoenix king. until the day thrunder broke a sacred rule and used fire chi instead of storm chi. after that day he seeked revenge and surced all over chima for them. unfortianitly for the phoenix now that they have returned, thrunder and the storm tribes are on there trail and plan on putting them to an end.


most of the time thrunder would use his magic to fight in battle but when he is out mached with his magic he has a secret weapon. his frigtning is a powerful staff of consintrated storm magic that can launch powerful lightbolts that can stun or paralize enemys. with thrunders magic he is almost imposable to beat, but with his frightning he is imposable to beat.

fighting styleEdit

when ever in a fight thrunder uses a rare form of storm magic that can allow him to launch lightning from his hands, create wind storms, power machenery, and controle weather. he also can uses weapons he made out of storm magic like the powerful frightning.


  • thrunder is the only character so far that can use magic
  • the way that fluminox and thrunder became enemys is similer to how laval and cragger became enemys
  • his fealings for eris is similer to sirfangars fealings for liella