Though Cragger is the most deadly water fighter in Chima, he's no match for the sea serpant queen Seora. She's a swift swimmer and a powerful fighter making her a perfect enemy for Cragger. unfortunately for Cragger ,he has some feelings for Seora but she has no interest. Fierce in fighting, she prefers to wait for her enemies to come to her to attack. Seora is known to have a level head and maintains her power under control even if she is as ferocious as an ice bear.


Waveraxe: With the power of the waveraxe, Seora can control the water around her creating massive waves and whirlpools to attack. Not only can it control water but the blade is so sharp it can cut through metal making it a perfect weapon for a fierce fighter like Seora.

Fighting styleEdit

Similar to Cragger she loves to wait for enemies to come to her instead of waisting energy to just charge. she also loves to use her water controlling to sabotage others. but she is most notable because of her ferocity that even makes the ice bears seem weak.


Thrunder: seora is extremely loyal to Thrunder and is the most loyal warrior he has. But because of the lack of power,Draco took her place but still is loyal even if she deserves to be second in command.

Cragger: Although they're enemies, he does have some deep feelings for Seora because of her beauty and ferocity. she does think that Cragger is cute and attractive but dosen't have feelings for him,at least not yet


  • Her name is similar to the name Sierra