Ra'Kayla was a Raven Wanderer who met a tragic end during the Dark World Crisis.


Ra'Kayla was a one of a pair of twins before coming to Chima, when she arrived, she spent the next two years looking for her sister, unconvinced that only she had come to Chima. After that, she settled down, meeting a male Raven that turned out to be everything she wanted.

About a week before Eaphron arrived, Ra'Kayla's then-fiance was killed in a raid gone wrong, where they encountered Blood-Creatures and most of the raid destroyed. Ra'Kayla tried to cope as best she could, but Eaphron's arrival set off her abilities as a Wanderer, she gained the ability to see the future, but was not shown her own death, which came nine days afterward.

Ra'Kayla was killed in a battle with Blood-Creatures, it was a painful death, and it pulled out Eaphron's Wanderer powers.


Ra'Kayla had two personalities, one which she kept to herself and friends, was a shy, almost depression-like sadness. Her other one was her public one, which was seductive and alluring, with the appearance of being experienced and confident.


  • Visions of the future