when it comes to wisdome no one is wiser then the owl king ortherus. ortherus is wise, intelegant, serius, and fair. not only is ortherus a king of the owls but he is also a master spy and a guardian of a sacred artifact called the book of time. ortherus is also a wepons expert when it came to battle especaly because of the war agenst the elephants. befor the war with the elephant tribe he was in love with the elephant princess elsa, however someone else loved her to. eguar the general of the elephant tribe loved elsa to and distroyed the owl temple to keep ortherus away. unfortionitly he acsidentaly killed otheruses parents causeing him to fill with rage agenst him leading to a war. even with this war the two have feelings tords each other.


when it comes to weapons the owls are the greatest in chima. but when ortherus uses the hootress it even makes the owls look bad. the hootress is a powerful staff that can launch sound waves that can knock down walls. with a weapon with this much power it can even send eguar running back to the elephant water hole.

fighting styleEdit

owls prefer to use stratigy, and wisdome when in a fight but ortherus also likes to spy his enemys befor the battle. useing the knolage that he gained he can eliminate anyone in his way.


  • his relation ship with elsa is similer to romeo and juliet
  • ortherus is a name for a two headed dog in greek mythology