legends of chima: rise of the super mario bros after sir fangar and ice hunters are heal chima is back he ask laval be his friend  then there earthquake in land named mushroom kingdom home of newest tribed named mushroom tribe laval and his friends went to kingdom mario and princess peach meet them but bowser is here


land or new:chima is saved from ice tribes but there get earthquake mushroom kingdom coming to chima but bowser attack chima with their armada but mario and luigi  defeat them and save lion city

the badest CHI:at bowser castle bowser  made all stuff to bad CHI he uses CHI book and then he find to defeat mario the ultra CHI at lion temple lavertus and lagravis gave all CHI for everyone then bowser mades koopa mechs he say koopas attack but laval andft cragger eris liella sir fangar mario luigi defeat bowser he said retreat

scorm strikes back:after bowser meches gone at outlands scorm find his way out scorpions spider bats got attack chima ice hunters lion temple mario luigi attack crawlers laval help scorm to defeat bowser koopa mech are here they battle bowser they retreat scorm help laval

banana jackers: at mushroom woods mario meet laval and his friends but gorzan find banana  but donkey kong an diddy kong  they became friends now at next morning bananas are gone bowser took it way gorzan and donkey and diddy mad attack them bowser gone

return of phoenix phoenix is back fluminox tell everyone there invasion by bowser army is ready on their airships:

NOTE: this part 1 of  the final battle

airships of armadas:  laval and other look there lots of armada airships bowser army  is too many lions eagles mammoths saber tooth tigers crocs gorilla ravens bats scorpions spiders vultures  phoenixs ice bears bears rhinos  tigers wolves leopards fight them bowser forgot  the one of tribes is bones tribe he parakoopas send few ultra CHI to awake them up bones tribe is wake attack them laval and others go to bowser castle need scorm scutter spinlyn braptor blistas scolders scrug more spiders saber tooths tiger tiger  vultures ice bears lions eagler crocs wolves gorilla Rhinos into bowser castle.

NOTE this part 2 of the final battle

the final batlle: bowser meet his future ultra bowser master hand and crazy hand lundor braptor blista spinlyn skyor and stranior  battle master hand scutter scolder spindle  blista 2 blista 3  tiger 1 ice bear 1 bowser turn into gaia bowser ultra bowser  is behind into heroes  gaia bowser  is fight heroes waka and 2 wolves  users blasers to kill him but he turn them into ssbb  trophy master hand pushes  lundor braptor crazy hand shots tiger 1 ultra bowser freeze  ewald and wiihurt blista scorm use scorpion stinger to defeat gaia bowser throws flames at them ultra bowser freeze