In this season of Legends of Chima, the frozen ice tribes have finally been defeated by a great elumination by our heroes and Chima is finaly at peace. but strange storm clouds begen to gather across the land and no one knows why. unkown to our heros the elumination they created re awakened a evil clan of anchint storm tribes that now hunt down from the phoenix and liella has a dark secret that may change all of chima.


The Storm of Legends: It's been a month since Laval and and the others saved Chima from the ice tribes and Laval and Liella are finally a couple. Meanwhile Eris has strange dreams of massive storm clouds and storm tribes as she figures out that her dreams may be telling the future again. As the storms begins to go across the land and causing havoc, the phoenixes find out that an old foe has returned for them.

a shocking discovery: laval, liella, and eris go back to the phoenix temple to talk to fluminox about the strange clouds that are in chima. fluminox tells them about the storm tribes and explain why they have returned. after they talked to fluminox and travel to were the storms were comeing from. after a day passed they find a large mounten with lightning shooting from it as they climb to find out whats going on. when they reach the top they find a massive temple home to the storm tribes

lavals vission: laval and the others find the storm tribes and see there leader thrunder speeking to the dragons, sea serpents, and thunder birds. as they spy on them laval this time has a vission about liella being part of the storm tribes. after words they are spotted and run away to aviod the storm tribes befor they would be attacked. when they return they return to the phoenix and talk about lavals vission with leaves the phoenix king fluminox shocked.

Friend or Foe: after there discusion with fluminox laval, eris, and liella return to the lion city to find the storm tribes are starting an attack. shocked by there un beatable powers laval calls in the phoenix and the tigers to back them up. when they arrive the storm tribes are starting to retreat but one of the lion vehichles begens to fire at the other aliess instead of the storm tribes. when laval gets closser he finds out that its liella and that she is betraying her tribe intentionally. sudenly the phoenix fly in in the flying phoenix fire temple and chase off the storm tribes and liella leaveing liella heart broken.

sea serpants in the swamps: still heart broken about liella laval gose to talk to lundor about why she turned agenst them. he explains that she was actually part of the storm tribes befor but had no idea that she would go agenst the fire tribes after all they did for her. just then gragger apears and tells laval there are sea serpants invading his swamp. they join with eris and razar as they head to the swamps. the sea serpant queen seora leads the sea serpants attack and end up catching eris. as a sea serpent fires a blast at eris laval jumps in the way and takes the shot for her and appears dead. heart broken and inraged she uses her eagle jeet and takes out all the sea serpants by her self. she crys over lavals body and as a tear drop lands on laval he re awakens. filled with joy eris gives him a huge hug. then at the storm tribes temple thrunder orders the dragons to attack the lion temple with the sea serpants and to be lead by his top worrior draco.

love and war: as eris begins to draw laval in her diary at the eagle spires she notices storm clouds heading to the lion temple. she flys over the tords the clouds and sees an army of dragons and sea serpants marching tords the lion city agean. at the lion temple laval and cragger talk to lagraves and tormack to discuss a plan to stop these tribes. sudenlly eris flys in and warns them about the up comeing attack. out side the temple they see draco and his army as they begin to open fire. laval and eris ride on the royle fighter and begin to fire at dracos dragon crawler. however his powerful vehichle was to powerful and fought agenst the royle fighter. but befor the dragons left draco took eris and takes her to the storm temple. enraged laval plans on rescueing her alone but cragger tryest to stop him. however laval admets to cragger that he had a crush on eris and plans on rescueing her alone if he has to. then he rides off and heads to the storm temple.

the quest for eris: laval rides of to find eris and to stop these storm tribes but is ambushed by draco and the dragon army. laval begins to fight them and is almost captured by draco. but sudenlly scorm rides in on his scorpion stinger and chases the dragons away. laval became confused and releived that scorm helped him not noing why. at the storm temple eris is locked up and meets the king thunder bird thrunder explaining to her that he wants to marry her agenst her will. back at the battle. scorm chased the dragons off and explained that he wanted to redeam himself after the fact he released the hunters. after the fight they load up and continue to the storm temple. hearing erises distress call laval gose faster to rescue her. once night had come they arived at the mounten were storm temple and saw more thunder bird jets heading to mount cavora. laval told scorm they were rescueing eris and began there climb to save eris

battle of love: scorm and laval finaly reach the top and find thrunder talking to seora and draco about the wedding plans. laval was shocked and blew there cover by acsident. discovered laval and scorm run to the temple entrince but is guarded by thunder birds. scorm told laval to get eris as he holds of the thunder birds. laval alone enters and hears eris crying from one of the tower entrances. he enters and climbs the tower to find eris locked up. thrilled to see laval she tries to hug him but was chained. laval cut the chain as the two made it out of the tower. sudenlly they hear huge explosions and find cragger in the croc coppters fighting the thunder birds. eris and laval join him in battle but find cragger geting shot out of the sky from seora. enraged cragger armors up and prepares to fight seora however is enchanted by her beuty. useing the time seora knocks out cragger. eris, laval, and cragger are sourounded with no escape but scorm rides in on a scorpion jet and picks them up. returning to mount cavora they find fluminox explaining what happened and find more storm clouds appering. lightning bolts are shot at the phoenix temple and see a huge armoda of thunder birds. but to make matters worse they see thrunder and liella on the flag ship preparing to battle

frozen alies:with the storm tribes aproching eris and laval call the outland tribes to join forces with them to give them some time to gain some special back up. with the bats, spiders, and scorpions ariveing eris and laval set out to the gorge of eternal depth unkown of someone following them. they continue and find themselfs at the gorge and feel a friged cold agean. they climb down and see the hunters agean with vardy as there new leader. meanwile scorm and the outland tribes repeal the dragons and the sea serpants but are having issues with the thunderbirds witch leads to scorm being captured. back at the gorge laval and eris explain the problom and make a deal with laval about the phoenix healing them in order for them to be normal agean just then laval hears liella behind them and capture her. after words she gets incaged in ice and they head out. raceing to cavor on the vulture jets eris and laval spot scorm captured on the thunder bird flag ship and fly in close to land on the ship. laval manages to get scorm out and fly off the flag ship. aftor words the vultures, sabortooths, and mammoths work together with the phoenix to repeal the storm tribes. with the battle over the thunderbirds retreats but with cragger still captive on one of the ships. knowing this scorm and laval plan an invasion to get cragger back. mean wile a figure in the gorge un freazes liella and praposes a deal. she acseptas the deal and the strange figure explains the deal. the deal was that if he helps liella he will gain controle of mount cavora. she acsepts and ask who she was talking to. the strage figure walked into the light and spoke. you remember me as sir fangar.

crocodile love: