Kyliss is the chief of the Cat Tribe, a gentle ruler yet ruthless when she needs to be. Thanks to Kyliss’s efforts, the Cats remained unknown throughout Chima until recently, thanks to the dissapearance of several Crocodile soldiers sent out on a scouting mission. That incident lead to the first contact with the Cats, which was thankfully resolved peacefully. Kyliss trys to stay away from the other tribes, yet among her own tribe she acts not like an authority figure, but a normal citizen, if one thinks of the Cats as normal. To non-Cats, Kyliss seems somewhat insane and isolationist, yet she knows of the horrors of the Outlands and her methods of defense work despite her assumed paranoia.

Appearance Edit

Kyliss is a calico with piercing turquoise eyes. She wears a simple chestplate made of dried reeds, and various vines hold her CHI harness in place. A headpiece of tarnished bronze sits atop her head, and to show her status she has a worn purple cape, made from a torn Crocodile flag. As a sign of strength, a small pink flower rests on her ear, no doubt a trophy from a battle with a carnivorous plant.

Personality Edit

Kyliss is rather kind, and she prefers to do good when given a choice between good and evil. However, Kyliss’ idea of good is somewhat warped, leading to choices that would seem immoral to others yet are perfectly fine to Kyliss. Kyliss is extremely afraid of the dangers of the Outlands, considering the Chiman tribes to be a major threat, and goes to extreme lengths to protect her tribe. However, if a feline such as a Lion is exiled into the Outlands, Kyliss will welcome them with open arms, viewing them as in need of defense from the Outlands.

Weapons Edit

Kyliss uses a double-pointed spear, one end having a curved, sickle-like blade, and a fang is embedded in the other. She prefers to stay away from fights, and uses anything nearby to her advantage instead of fighting fairly.

History Edit

Kyliss wasn’t born as a humanoid Cat, yet was a member of the pack of cats that drank the CHI water alongside the Dark Tribes. The cats were soon attacked by a Scorpion, and the event mentally scarred Kyliss, leading to her becoming paranoid about the other tribes. Little else is known about her history.