Crooz, is a Crocodile-Fan Character I created to give a story to a background character from the Chima TV show.

History Edit

Crooz spent his entire life in the Crocodile swamp with his parents, having little to no money on them, Crooz's childhood was a difficult time for him. During the Civil War, at age 26, he joined the 7th river, a member of the Crocodile Navy. In this group, he often either piloted the Crocodile Command Ship, or stood with several guards in the prison near the vessel's "mouth". Later in the war, Crooz fought battles on land as well, using a spear purchased from the wolves.

After the War, Crooz mostly served as a tribe guard, he was nearly frozen by the hunters twice. And when he finally was captured for the "gallery" Crooz was one of the first to be freed by the allies.

Physical Appearance Edit

Crooz is a lime green croc with tan stomach scales. He has a crimson crest on his head and yellow eyes. Crooz wears little or no clothing. Only a small strip of red fabric on his right side and a small belt. He has no loincloth and his abdomen scales are in full view. Thus leaving him with no leggings on at all. He often wields a spear into combat.